Offerings for Spring 2016...

Classic medium roast blended for exqusite espresso. Hints of spice yet still mild enough for most palettes. Sweet dialed in espresso that everyone will enjoy. Signature Roast is a balanced cup and delicious in any brewing method.





Madrona's Full City Roast produces thick luxurious crema with heavy notes of sundried date. Subtle smokey nuiances increase complexity. A doppio paired with vanilla ice cream would look real nice on your dessert menu.


Named after a truck driving man that would drive a hundred miles for a good cup this blend makes a classic american style diner drip. Cranford's makes a rich fullbodied brew that keeps them truckin' back for more.


Inspired by Ellie's favorite cereal this light roasted espresso has a nut and honey thing going on without being stung by the sour notes so prevelant in the espressos of today. This espresso placed in the elite eight in the America's Best Espresso Competition. Like this coffee and Ellie herself, we think thats pretty sweet.


Medium bodied yet bold enough to win over drip fans everywhere. This complex blend also gives a little extra kick to the body of espresso. Low acid blend.


Mild bodied coffees blended for maximun house enjoyment. Its got some earthy kicks whiles being nuianced with a dark chocolate.


Cascade Blend is roasted deep and dark for Itailian roast devotees.Madrona's dark roasts are slow roasted to guarantee deliciousness. Madrona is proud to be able to roast coffees according to traditional customs.


See you in November!




Sidamo region. Lightly spiced with a very peculiar yet intriguing body.
peppermint on the tip of your tongue with a rich mouthfeel and smooth finish. A very nice coffee to pour over.


Huila region. on the cupping table...description coming soon!!


natually processed sumatran coffees have medium body with a rich earthy flavor and a bit of fruit and spice on the back end.


This beautiful central american coffee is rich in silky smooth body and chocolate flavor.


Harar region of ethiopia produces some deliciously fruity and light bodied coffees. Strawberry and a hint of blueberry. Highly prized by coffee people for centuries.


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A popular single origin for madrona. wild tasting coffee. Toddy method provides very interesting banana notes. delicious pour over!


A frenched columbian that would make Juan proud. Spicy and well balanced coffee with a smooth finish.


The Santa Anita Estate, located in Costa Rica's West Valley, is a large family-run coffee farm that strikes a balance between tradition and innovation. Five generations have managed this picturesque plantation and mill. This renowned producer, Juan Manuel Sanchez Benavidez, has really impressed us with the consistency of its offerings, large and small. The lot we chose for our inventory holds a degree of complexity that surprises and delights. Cupping Notes Vanilla, citrus, lively acidity, rich body, well balanced, tropical fruit, toffee, caramel. Very sweet as it cools.


Yep its kona! Mild with low acid makes it a must try coffee.


Special order only!


Once ridiculed, white coffee has a cult following and now possible health merits. Once drank for the high caffiene content white coffee and its cousin green coffee are destined to become the next superfood.

Nutty flavor of this pregound coffee goes well this white chocolate mochas as well as in a veggie/fruit smoothies.